From the Pastors desk


On All Saint day Sunday, we are not only being reminded about the faithful Christians who had fought the good fight of faith and had been called to their eternal rest (Church Triumphant),  we also remember members of the ‘Church militant’  especially those who remain in the trenches of persecution.

 A worldwide Christian advocacy group which seek to defend religious liberty  ‘Voice Of the Martyrs’ (VOM) contends that more of Christ’s followers have been killed for their faith in the last century than in most of the previous centuries combined.  The Global evangelism movement reports an average of 165,000 martyrs a year- which is more than four times the number in the past century.

 Today, countries that facilitate religious freedom are experiencing increasing anger towards Christians. Some Professors in our Colleges and Universities publicly mock Bible believing students. TV talk show hosts denigrate people of faith. The list goes on.

In Mathew 24: 9-12   Jesus made known to His disciples they will be handed over to be persecuted … put to death and hated by all nations because of their faith in Him. At that time many will turn away from faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most people will grow cold.

 On All Saint Sunday, we stand in solidarity of faith with millions of our brothers and sisters who have been, are currently being subjected to all kinds of inhumane treatments in relation to their faith in Christ.

We join other faithful Christians world-wide to pray, and to raise fund, to encourage and remind ourselves that we too should be ready as targets of persecution because Jesus has already warned us.  Nevertheless, it is also a date to reflect on the brighter, and the blessed end of those who remain courageous with their faith in Jesus to the end. Happy all Saints day celebration.


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