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From the Pastors desk


   From Pastor’s desk,

          Resurrection Power for you. 

Between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, the immediate followers of Jesus had thought their dream of a victorious Messiah have been shattered. They saw Jesus dragged off to face trial for crimes he did not commit. He was beaten and then crucified. 

And when they saw their Savior hung on the cross with no more breath in Him,  they assumed their dream was gone. It was like all was lost but not for long as Jesus walked out of His tomb three days after His crucifixion. 

In retrospect, His followers realized that a hopeless and sad story has become a joyful one with a victorious ending. We can learn from the story of Jesus that God is in the business of flipping what constitute setbacks into a comeback. 

Jesus rose from the dead and thereby won for us “power to navigate through the evil and challenging systems of this present life; He rose from the dead to give us the living hope in this world and for the world to come” 1 Peter 1:3, 2Peter1:3.

Happy Easter.


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