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   Sowing and Reaping

This weekend I finally removed the dry stem of our tomato plant bought few months ago. One seed of plum tomato had supplied our kitchen table with a little less than two small baskets of ripe delicious vegetable. Aside from the natural beauty the presence of the plant had added to the deck, I recall the excitement from my little children as we watered the plant daily at sunset. No wonder as I was uprooting the dry stem from the pot, I got a question from my little girl “daddy are we going to get more tomato plants so we can get more harvest?” My answer of course was “Yes, why not”

My daughter’s question suggests the natural principle of sowing and reaping. The principle which is also well expressed in the word of God, is often used to warn about the inevitable consequences of evil deeds. Nevertheless, the principle can also serve as an encouragement to many who believe in Jesus Christ and have decided to sow good seeds with their lives.

For born again believers in Jesus Christ, sowing good seed with their lives can manifest in different forms. For some it shows in the love they give, for others it manifests in act of forgiveness shown. In some Christians, it beautifully come out in the patience and forbearance that grace their lives. Yet in other people, it manifests in their longing to bring friends, and family members to Christ. Such may have engaged for a long time in prayers and other possible efforts to bring their unbelieving loved ones to the Savior.  Paul reminded believers in Galatian church the importance of the principle of sowing and reaping “whatever a man sow, that he will reap” Galatians 6:7

I believe an undisputable fact that everyone is sowing one kind of seed or the other; be it in our home among family members; be it  among our circle of friends, within the body of Christ we belong to and, everywhere we go. The second side of the coin is that the reaping (the harvest) to whatever seed we have been sowing is certain. A.B Simpson, a Canadian Christian preacher once said “ I believe the toils and prayers of 20 years ago are not lost, we may not see the results of our labor and sacrifice immediately, but in due time they will issue into beauty and glory” .  Hey! Folks let us go in peace into the last quarter of 2020 sowing good seeds for the Lord wherever we find ourselves, Thanks be to God.


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