From the Pastors desk


From the Pastor’s desk - May 2020.


Reflecting on the tremendous redemptive impact my mother had on me I came across a fiction story written by a columnist – Emma Bombeck and it humbles me. Emma writes “When God was creating Mothers, on his sixth day of overtime, an Angel said – God, how come you are fiddling around a lot on this piece of work?

God replied, oh!  sorry it seems you are not aware of the requests that comes with this order.  She is to have 18,000 replaceable moving parts, run on a black coffee and leftovers, have a kiss that cures anything from a broken leg to a disappointed love affair, and six pairs of hands. Six pairs of hands? No way! the Angel exclaimed. Then God said, the challenging bit is the three pairs of eyes mothers need.  A pair that sees through doors, another in the back of her head that sees what she shouldn’t be able to see, and another in front for looking at a child who’s goofed/ misbehaved and saying  ‘I understand, and I love you’ - even without speaking.

The Angel continues ‘Lord, take a break tomorrow’.  ‘I can’t’, God replied. I am close to creating something so like myself. Already, she can heal herself when she is sick. She can feed a family on a pound of hamburger and get a 9-year-old to stand under a shower.  The Angel move nearer and touch her, and said, ‘she is too soft’ ‘but so tough’ God replied, ‘you can’t imagine what this mother can endure.  The Angel asked again, ‘But, can she think? She can not only think, she reasons, and compromises, God replied. Then running his finger across the mother’s cheek, the Angel said ‘there is a leak, I can feel some leaks. ‘It is not a leak’ God said. ‘It is a tear. And what is it for, the Angel asked. ‘It is for joy, sadness, pain, disappointment, loneliness, and pride. Then the Angel declared ‘Oh God, you are a genius”


The fiction story did not only humble me, it wells up a spring of gratitude from within me first to God and then to my mother and all those who occupy mother figures in my life.  

Fictional as it may be the story speaks volume on how mothers are special gift of God endowed with special honor and role in God’s creation. Mothers stand out as one of the unique pillars that make up the foundation of any human society. As we salute and appreciate all our mothers, wives and women on this Mother’s Day, I am amazed at the God given honor and roles they have among us. Our society will be healthier and stronger when both the honor and role of mothers are recognized, appreciated and encouraged.



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