From the Pastors desk


  From Pastor’s desk – April, 2021.

  Amazement of Springtime.

When was the last time you looked outside? When was the last time you wondered if spring would ever come? -  thinking that winter might last forever. Well, honestly such thoughts ran through my mind few months ago when it often gets so dark early in the day, when snow continually stay on the ground for several weeks with freezing temperature all over the place.

 As someone who live in the Northeastern corridor of the country, I look forward to natural cycle from winter to spring to summer and to fall. However, at this time of the year, I expect trees to unfurl new leaves; Lilies and daffodils to shoot out their beautiful leaves attracting pollinating bees; I expect birds singing and chirping from the big trees in the backyard while Squirrels and rodents skips and jumps from trees to shrubs. Why? Because, Spring has finally come.

As a Christian I am always amazed at the natural built in renewal mechanism seen all around at Springtime. Springtime recalls concept of the newness of life attributed to the presence of the power of the risen Christ residing in a faithful believer’s heart.  It is my joy to talk about Jesus the Christ who is God behind creation and recreation - John 1:3. Only Jesus Christ can offer newness of life to those who would put their trust in His death on the cross, receive His forgiveness and live for Him daily.

  Happy Easter.